The Return of the Family Milk Cow

Faith Schlabach - Misty Morning Farm
Workshop Level: Beginner
The Schlabach's are very proud of their Jerseys with grazing genetics. The Jerseys thrive on grass and have not been purposely bred in a way that makes them easy to hand-milk. They are a line of old foundation Jerseys that are raised on real milk for four months.

Workshop Description

Topics of this workshop will revolve around the return of the family cow that is fed for optimum health, rumen development, a long life, and grazing potential, not the highest production possible. Learn how to minimize and avoid problems such as milk fever, ketosis and mastitis. Learn how easy it is to have your own source of dairy products, meat and fertilizer. No time to milk twice a day? Learn how you can milk once a day or even once a week.

Speaker Bio

Faith Schlabach and her husband, Adam, own Misty Morning Farm in Virginia, where they raise small, standard-sized and miniature Jersey Once A Day Family Milk Cows. Their interest is in raising cows naturally and calves on real milk (not formula, as most dairy calves are now raised with) for proper rumen development, and in educating others about how to feed and care for their family milk cow.

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