Easy Peasy Edibles

Jessi Bloom - Timber Press
Workshop Level: Beginner
Jessi Bloom is an award-winning landscape designer whose work emphasizes ecological systems, sustainability, and self-sufficiency. She is a certified professional horticulturalist and certified arborist, as well as a long-time chicken owner with a free-ranging flock in her home garden.

Workshop Description

Have you wanted to grow your own food but found it is too much work and takes too much of your time? Join award-winning landscape designer Jessi Bloom as she talks about a permaculture design concept that employs design strategies from nature. It allows you to grow easy peasy edibles that are low-maintenance, resilient and sustainable. Plant once and enjoy the harvest from your edible landscape for years. Bloom will cover basic food forest design and go over some of her favorite low-maintenance edibles.

Speaker Bio

Jessi Bloom is an award-winning ecological designer and a best-selling author, as well as a certified professional horticulturalist (CPH) and ISA certified arborist. Her business, N.W. Bloom EcoLogical Landscapes, has been designing/building sustainable gardens and maintaining them organically for 14 years. She is passionate and specializes in edibles, ecology, animals, permaculture and making gardens highly functional and beautiful. She now travels nationwide promoting her books and teaching sustainability to both the public and the green industry. She volunteers and serves on many local community advisory boards and is the chair of the sustainability committee for the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD). Bloom's leadership in the green industry, combined with her artistic design talents, have brought N.W. Bloom numerous environmental awards, including the Department of Ecology's Governor Award for Sustainability and many from popular gardens she built at the N.W. Flower and Garden Show.

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