Tomato Tips for Beginners

September/October 2005


Thinking of planting your first tomato patch but unsure what to buy in the way of plants? Hundreds of tomato varieties are on the market, just waiting for you, in a surprising range of colors but all of them fall into just three main categories:

(1) Choose from:

  • Slicers, which are the big round (or sort of round) tomatoes great for cutting into wedges for green salads or sliced for sandwiches

  • Paste tomatoes, which are oblong and used to make sauces

  • And plum-, cherry- & pear-shaped tomatoes, perfect for snacking

(2) Plant in full sun. If you don't have space for a garden, just remove a little patch of sod or grass, and plant the tomato there.

(3) Keep your tomato plants watered well, and feed with a slow-release organic fertilizer and/or mulch with nitrogen-rich grass clippings.