Help Us Design the Best Apps

Garden App On IPhoneMobile devices offer an exciting, new forum for accessing information about sustainable living. More and more, people are finding great ways to learn new skills and information using smartphones and tablets. MOTHER EARTH NEWS has already started developing apps: our Food Garden Guide, How to Can and Pickin’ Chicken apps are all available for download in the Apple and Droid markets. (Follow this link to learn more and download these MOTHER EARTH NEWS apps.) 

If you are interested in helping MOTHER EARTH NEWS continue to develop future apps and own a smartphone or tablet, please join our Mobile Media Advisory Group. We want to hear from our readers about what apps would be most useful, designs you think would work best, and other feedback to help us design the best apps to fit today’s technologically advancing world.  

As a part of our Mobile Media Advisory Group, we will send you occasional surveys so you can weigh in on app ideas. As an added bonus, you will also have the opportunity to get an inside look at and test new apps. To sign up for this exciting new team, follow this link to join the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Online Community. You’ll also learn about our e-newsletters and our other advisory groups on gardening, poultry and more.  

Thanks to all of you who help us make MOTHER EARTH NEWS the best it can be — and for helping us decide if yes, there really should be an app for that!