Renewable Natural Gas

Paul Scheckel - Storey Publishing
Workshop Level: Beginner
Paul is certified by the Building Performance Instititute, and the Residential Energy Services Network and his recent projects have ranged from solar and wind power installations to program design and analysis for utilities and state regulators.

Workshop Description

Learn how to make and use your own renewable natural gas from farm and kitchen wastes or wood, using a small biogas digester and simple wood-gas camp stove. Workshop covers the basics of both biogas and wood gas. Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of both anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis from the author of The Homeowner’s Energy Handbook.

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Speaker Bio

Paul Scheckel lives off the grid in northern Vermont. He is an energy auditor and consultant who has visited more than 3,000 homes, educating people about energy efficiency, cost-effective improvements and indoor air quality. He has appeared on national television and local radio, writes a monthly column on energy issues for two statewide Vermont newspapers, speaks at conferences, and hosts a blog.

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