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Keeping Urban Chickens
Profit as a Homesteader Favorite Medicinal Plants Keeping Urban Chickens

Mother Earth News’ Editor-in-Chief Hank Will, and Becky Tipton of the Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers’ Association, on making a living from small acreage.
Jessica Kellner, Editor-in-Chief of Mother Earth Living, and JoAnne Bauman, respected herbalist discuss their list of favorite medicinal plants for their gardens. Two of our favorite faces of the poultry world, Patricia Foreman and Victoria Miller join Jennifer Pitino of the "Urban Chicken Podcast" to discuss how city chicks make a community better.

Renewable energy sources

Real food in the city

Sustainable Energy Options for Urban Dwellings Enjoying the Art of Small-Scale Food Preservation
Dr. Green Minisode

Former MOTHER EARTH NEWS editor, Kale Roberts and author Dan Chiras come together to discuss your options for living off-grid in city limits. Respected authors Meredith Leigh and Gianaclis Caldwell discuss making choices that positively impact us and our communities from the urban homestead and beyond. Kevin Fletcher explains that when it comes to the farm, some things are better left to "Dr. Green".
Do you see the queen?
little girl with chicks safe behind fence
 Beeginning With Bees
Get Started with Chickens

Common Flock Problems

Producer Robert Riley speaks with expert beekeepers Becky Tipton, Dawn Combs, and Steve Tipton  cover several topics on getting started with bees to help you keep a successful colony. 
 Kellsey Trimble of Grit sits down with some of our favorite poultry experts to discuss getting started with your flock. There are many considerations to keep in mind.
 Joe Putnam and Patricia Foreman sit down with Kellsey Trimble of Grit to discuss getting started with your flock. There are many considerations to keep in mind.
Tea Garden   urban ag craft distilling 
Grow a Tea Garden
Change Policy to Allow Urban Ag
Craft Distilling
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MOTHER EARTH NEWS Senior Editor Hannah Kincaid took time to chat with herbalists Dawn Combs and Joanne Bauman about what they grow in their tea garden and how to use it.
Listen to the Food Policy Council of Lawrence, KS tell the story of how they were able to change policy to allow urban agriculture.  Victoria Miller sits down with Kellsey Trimble and Robert Riley to discuss the legality of distilling your own liquor as well as the process of distilling.
 happy hiker swarm  hike 
Reduce Waste, Increase Happiness
 Capture a Swarm
Pack for Adventure
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Charlotte Brunin chats with Rob Greenfield and Russell Mullin to find out how they have made positive changes in their personal lives and the world around them.
 Hilary Kearney shares her expertise with new beekeepers Charlotte Brunin and Zach Foley who are interested in why bees swarm and how to capture them.
Dennis Biswell, Russell Mullin and Charlotte Brunin discuss what to pack for your next outdoor adventure and some of their favorite ways to enjoy the great outdoors!

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