Pennsylvania Off-Stage Demonstrations
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Green Building

Cob: Building Houses With Mud –
Booth #416
Uncle Mud – Natural Cottage Project
Come see how the soil under your feet can be used to build inexpensive, beautiful houses and pizza ovens and benches. Bring the kids and get muddy with us.
Friday 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00
Saturday and Sunday 10:00, 12:00, 2:00
and 4:00

Hud-Son Forest Equipment Portable Sawmill Demo – Booths #134 and #136
Wes Stauffer – Hud-Son Forest Equipment
This demonstration shows how to utilize logs on your property to create usable lumber for barns, outbuildings, flooring, furniture and more.

Yurt Building and Living 101 – Booths
Kenneth Lawrence – Yurts of America
Come hear a well-rounded, informative talk about what to expect from a yurt.
Saturday and Sunday afternoon

Modern Homesteading

Baling Hay With a Walk-Behind Tractor – Booths #185-#188
Joel Dufour – Earth Tools Inc.
Walk-behind tractors are very popular in Europe, and are equally applicable in the United States for the increasing number of small farms. See a walk-behind tractor in action, operating a round hay baler implement!
Saturday 10:00, 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00
Sunday 10:00, 1:00 and 3:00

Broom Making: A traditional art – Booths #90 and #92
John Holzwart – Brooms by Little John
Join broom maker “Little” John Holzwart for these fun and educational broom making demonstrations. Information about the broom corn plant and the history of broom making will be shared!

Cage Culture of Fish – Booth #1802
Kenneth Rust – Kasco Marine
Kasco Marine and Memphis Net & Twine are sponsoring a drawing to win a floating cage
for the culture of fish. Drop by the Kasco Marine booth to sign up for the drawing. The cage materials kit will be shipped directly to
the winner.
Demo and sign-up ongoing. Winner chosen at 3:00 Sunday!

Carding and Spinning Fleece Demonstrations – Booths #23 and #25
Rachel Wingert, Diane Sheesley and Wanda Vatter – Rainbow Mountain Alpacas
See fleece carded to make into batts to spin on the spinning wheel, as well as demonstrations of spinning and fiber processing.

One Scythe Revolution – Booth #161
Botan Anderson – Growers Tools
One Scythe Revolution founder Botan Anderson demonstrates how to use a scythe and gives tips on proper scythe care and maintenance.

Preparing for Chicks – Booth #1104
Meyer Hatchery
Learn the basics of preparing for baby chicks from nutritional needs, brooder set up to handy tips for successful chick rearing.

Simple Clock Maintenance – Booth #2211
Dorrin K. Mace – Pine Knoll Clock Shop
This 20- to 30-minute overview and demonstration of simple clock maintenance, oiling and adjustments for typical clock maladies comes complete with a handout for reference. Please do not arrive late.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2:00

Spinning and Weaving – Booth #2121
Carol Ann Rak – Carol Ann Rak Designs
Watch as Carol Ann Rak demonstrates spinning with a drop spindle and on a spinning wheel, traditional spinning, spinning core and ply, and weaving on a four harness floor loom and on a rigid heddle loom.

SmartKlean Laundry Demonstration – Booth #613
Sharon A. Fraser – SmartKlean
See a shirt with berry, ketchup or chocolate stains washed with the SmartKlean Ball and stain stick.

Wood carving – Booth #197
Jake Kristophel – Riverwood Trading
Jake Kristophel demonstrates wood carving using traditional hand tools to carve wood into utensils.

Nature & Community

Hemp Paper Making – Booth #104
Elishewa Shalom – Artisan Hemp
Learn how to make paper out of hemp!

Music for the Soul – Booths #606 and #608
Barbara Ashbury – Natural Approach Farm Store
Listen to harp or dulcimer music for peaceful hearing and healing.

Needle Felting a Pumpkin – Booth #77
Diane Beauchner – Shepherd Hills Alpacas
Diane Beauchner demonstrates how to create a pumpkin using sheep’s wool and alpaca fiber. The process she uses is needle felting.

Natural Health

Applying Hair & Scalp Preparations –
Booth #3013
Jeannie Wrightson – Green Hare Mud & Bunny Beauty Skin Care
Learn about proper hair partings for even application of hair and scalp preparations.

Chemical-free cleaning demonstration –
Booth # 1205
Mike Danaher – Norwex Enviro Products
Norwex silver-imbedded microfiber has the ability to clean up after raw chicken. It removes contaminants completely from surfaces with just water, no chemicals.


Dragon’s Blood for Psoriasis and Eczema – Booths #1922, #2021 and #2022
George Cox – Natural Options Aromatherapy Inc.
See how the resin from the Sangre de Drago tree seals skin to assist with psoriasis and eczema.
Friday and Saturday 11:00, 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00
Sunday 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00

Isha Kriya Guided Meditation – Booth #3109
Heather Kabler – Isha Yoga
These guided meditation sessions offer a simple, but powerful kriya practice that aligns your mind, body, and inner-energies to easily and naturally become meditative. Once meditative, your experience of the life within you and the world around you becomes much deeper and richer. Daily activity becomes effortless and joyful.

Know What You Are Injesting – Booth #64
Cecilia (Ceil) Salvadori – New Sun, Inc
Cecilia Salvadori speaks about the difference in suppliments, what to look for on labels, and why we should use only those products that are free of fillers, binders and excipients. Use products that are as natural as possible for vibrant health.
Saturday 2:00 and 5:00
Sunday 2:00

Make Your Own Remineralizing Toothpaste Even Your Kids Will Love – Booth #3113
Ann Barczewski – Ann Bee’s Naturals LLC
Learn about hidden dangers in some commercial toothpastes and how to make your own safe, remineralizing toothpaste. Recipes and directions included.

Self-Breema Class – Booth #1719
David Pratt and Jennifer Morrison-Taylor – The Breema Center
Practicing Self-Breema helps us to move in harmony with the natural laws that govern life and health. This practice increases vital energy and expands receptivity to do what is most beneficial.
Friday 3:00
Saturday and Sunday 11:00 and 3:00

Wellness Scans using Zyto Technology – Booth #3112
Health By Choice
Stop by our booth for a FREE Wellness Scan using Zyto Technology.

Organic Gardening

Become a ‘Locally Grown’ Commercial Grower – Booth #172
Lainie Kertesz – Johnny’s Selected Seeds
“Buy Local” is becoming more and more important throughout the United States. If you’ve considered growing for sale, come to this presentation, which includes handouts on how to get started. Learn about becoming a commercial grower and marketing locally.
Saturday 2:00-2:30
Sunday 11:00-11:30

Caring for Your Mushroom Kits – Booth #1103
Olga Tzogas – Smugtown Mushrooms
Learn to grow your mushroom kits and care for them for the best and most successful harvests.

Community Seed Swap – Booths #600, #602 and #604
Ira Wallace and other seed experts – Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Fruition Seeds, High Mowing Seeds and Seed Savers Exchange
Come share your seeds, your knowledge and your enthusiasm for different plant varieties with other gardeners and farmers. Bring any seeds you have to share or just stop by to “Meet the Experts” from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Fruition Seeds, High Mowing Seeds, and the Seed Savers Exchange. This is a great chance to answer your seed saving questions and see hands-on demonstrations.
Sunday morning

DIY Aquaponics and LED grow lights – Booths #601 and #603
Don Adams – Earthineer
To coincide with their DIY Aquaponics workshop, Earthineer demonstrates an ebb and flow unit and LED grow lights. Learn how to make both the unit and the lights and ask questions of Earthineer’s resident crazy engineer.
See booth for times.

Heirloom Corn Muffins and Jams from the Garden – Booths #600, #602 and #604
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
See and taste the richness and diversity of heirloom corn muffins made with varieties like Floriani Red Flint, Bloody and Blue Clarage. They’re even more delicious spread with unusual jams from the garden, herbs, ground huckleberry, peppers and more.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 4:00

Heirloom Garlic and Perennial Onion Tasting – Booths #600, #602 and #604
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Stop by the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange booth to taste some exciting and exotic garlic varieties, roasted and raw. There’s only one way to learn which types you prefer ... by tasting them!
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1:00

Heirloom Tomato, Pepper and Melon Tasting – Booths #600, #602 and #604
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Stop by the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange booth to sample the “heirloom tomato classics,” the old-time favorite red, pink and “black” beefsteak tomatoes, as well as the lesser-known family heirlooms. Taste delicious melons and savory peppers.

Mushrooms in the Edible Landscape –
Booth #304
Michael ‘Fun-gi’ Judd – Ecologia, Edible & Ecological Landscape Designs Join this introduction to growing your favorite fungi at home and learn how to incorporate them into the edible and ecological landscape. Explore the process of growing on logs and woodchips, as well as using fungi to clean our runoff.
See booth for times.

Propagating Woodland Botanicals – Booths #3001 and #3003
Jeanine Davis – New Society Publishers
Learn the basics for propagating some of the most popular woodland botanicals, such as goldenseal, bloodroot and black cohosh.
Sunday 4:00

Scheduling Plant and Harvest Times in Your Garden – Booths #3001 and #3003
Cindy Conner – New Society Publishers
Cindy Conner demonstrates how to develop a planting and harvesting schedule that works with your garden all season.
Saturday and Sunday 10:00-10:30

Seed Starting With Soil Blocking –
Booth #1713
Lisa Ziegler and Suzanne Frye – Gardener’s Workshop Farm
Discover how to make soil blocks and plant seeds, and learn about the care needed to enhance germination and grow a healthy seedling.

Soil Block Production – Booth #172
Kristen Dubord and Bethany Allen – Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Kristen Dubord and Bethany Allen demonstrate how to transform a perfectly moistened soil mixture into soil block cubes that provide an economical and highly beneficial environment for seed germination and establishment giving your seedlings a jumpstart.

Small Space Gardens – Booths #60 and #62
Julie and Aaron Kingston – Aaron’s
Homestead Products
Learn how to plant an intensive garden in raised and elevated garden beds using companion and succession garden methods.

Worm Composting – Booth #112
Claire Orner – Quiet Creek Herb Farm & School of Country Living
Explore the intricacies of the soil food web, the secret life of worms, composting with worms, using worm compost for better plant health, identification of worm bin creatures, and worm bin construction and maintenance.
Sunday 12:00

Real Food

Animal Welfare Approved Cheese: Stretching demonstration with Caputo Brothers Creamery – Booth #88
Rynn and Dave Caputo – Caputo Brothers Creamery; Don Everett – Apple Valley Creamery
Rynn and Dave Caputo from Caputo Brothers Creamery take the audience through the steps to transform their Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) local cheese curds into a variety of fresh cheeses at home. Don Everett from Apple Valley Creamery also talks about his dairy operation.
Friday 4:00-6:00
Saturday 11:00-1:00
Sunday 11:00-1:00

Cider: How do ya crush them apples? – Booth #79
Nancy Coleman – Quaker Oaks
Learn how to make cider from a blend of tasty Pennsylvania apples ... and perhaps a stray pear for extra good taste.

Food Preservation in the 21st Century – Booths #616 and #618
Dan Neville – Harvest Right
Dan Neville discusses the benefits of all of the food preservation methods including: dehydrating, pickling, salting, smoking, and freeze drying.
See booth for times.

Get Cultured!: An Open Forum on Starter Cultures in Fermentation– Booth #623
Tara Whitsitt – Fermentation on Wheels
Tara Whitsitt of Fermentation on Wheels will hold a forum on starter cultures and give a tour of the bus. She will teach from her collection of kefir, tibicos, sourdough, and kombucha. In this workshop, we will discuss ferments that require inoculation - their history, how to feed them, and the delicious transformative foods they create. Attendees may bring starter cultures of their own for exchange & discussion as well as bring an empty jar and take a culture home from the workshop. Fermentation on Wheels asks for a donation or exchange for culture take home.

Gluten-, Dairy- and Nut-Free Meals in Minutes! – Booth #1702
Sharon Greenspan – Wild Success
Learn simple recipes for entrees, side dishes and snacks that adults and kids will love! Come have spirooli fun and learn the secret to homemade gluten-free pasta for pennies!
Friday 5:00
Saturday 12:00, 3:00 and 5:00
Sunday 12:00 and 2:00

Healthy Condiments – Booths #40
Maureen Diaz – Weston A Price Foundation
From mayonnaise to ketchup, we will demonstrate how easy it is to make your own condiments at home. Replace sugar and rancid-oil containing off-the-shelf products with your own vibrant and delicious homemade creations!
Saturday and Sunday 11:00

Homemade Maple Kettle Corn – Booths #169 and #171
Lynn Baer – Paul Bunyans Maple Syrup
This demonstration shows how to make homemade maple kettle korn in a pot; hand stirred using pure maple syrup.

Making Fresh Ricotta Cheese With Liquid Nigari – Booth #164
Nancy Bruns – J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works
Liquid nigari is a byproduct of the salt making process. Rich in minerals and a natural
coagulant, it is most often used to make tofu. This demonstration shows nigari’s application in fresh cheesemaking.
Friday 2:00
Saturday 11:00 and 2:00
Sunday 11:00 and 2:00

Make Mead Like a Viking! – Booths #601 and #603
Jereme Zimmerman aka “the Yeti” – Earthineer
Learn to make your own mead (honey wine) using techniques practiced by ancient cultures ... techniques that are still employed by wild-fermentation enthusiasts today.
See booth for times.

Making Yeast Breads Easily – Booth #1207
Ginny Perkins – EZ DOH
Ginny Perkins demonstrates how to use the EZ DOH manual bread dough maker to easily and quickly make homemade yeast breads.

Maple Cotton Candy Demostration – Booths #169 and #171
Lynn Baer and Molly Enos – Paul Bunyans Maple Syrup
Learn how to make hand spun maple cotton candy made with homemade maple sugar.

Shiitake Mushrooms: Growing, harvesting and preserving – Booth #112
Rusty Orner – Quiet Creek Herb Farm & School of Country Living
Come discover the beauty and the rewards of creating the environment for shiitake mushrooms. Rusty Orner teaches beginners how to grow, harvest and best preserve shiitake mushrooms, as well as how to strengthen your immune system with them.
Saturday and Sunday 2:00

Stock the Frugal, Self-Sufficient Pantry – Booths #3001 and #3003
Lisa Kivirist – New Society Publishers
Learn how to stock your home pantry! Lisa Kivirist covers bulk buying, pantry organization and making your own hot cocoa, vanilla extract and more.
Friday 3:00
Saturday 1:00
Sunday 11:30

What Is Sustainably Caught Seafood? – Booth #195
Sue Jacobs and Mona Frey – Wild Planet Foods
Wild Planet booth staff educate attendees about the difference between sustainably caught seafood and seafood that is caught using methods and equipment that compromise the environment and the biomass of the target species.
See booth for times.

Renewable Energy

DIY Solar Panels – Booths #601 and #603
Don Adams – Earthineer
To coincide with their DIY Solar Panels workshop, Earthineer is conducting a live solar panel build during the FAIR. Try your hand at tabbing solar cells, and ask questions from Earthineer’s resident crazy engineer.
See booth for times.

Solar Power Fencing – Booth # 1806
Lacy Weimer and Carla Castaldo – Kencove Farm Fence
This demonstration covers how to choose and install a solar power fence, basic components of a solar power fence system, how to determine sunlight, panel size and angle, and discusses small and large energizer setups.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2:00

Kids Programming

Building With Mud – Booth #416
Chris McClellan – Natural Cottage Project
Come get muddy with your Mother in this hands-on, interactive demonstration. See why more than half of the houses in the world are built from local clay soil. Get your hands (and feet) into the mix in a kid-friendly clay pit or try sculpting your own miniature earthen house at the play table.
Saturday and Sunday 2:00

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