Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Country Lore: Paintbrush Seed Starting

By Norma Howie

Use a paintbrush to cover tiny garden seeds during seed starting.

Country Lore: A Stand-up Seed Planter

By Paul Williams

Use a length of pipe to make a stand-up seed planter and reduce back strain from planting seeds.

Country Lore: Cover Plants for Protection From Frost

By Clyde Schwanke

Cover plants during an unexpected spring freeze to protect plants from frost and allow them to produce later in the season.

Country Lore: Online Seed Exchange

By Colleen Vanderlinden

Trade garden seeds with gardeners throughout the United States with online seed exchange.


Country Lore: How to Repel Raccoons

By Lois Norris

Discover how to repel raccoons with these helpful tips. This surprising raccoon deterrent will have you reaping many benefits.

Country Lore: Training Fruit Trees with Buckets

By Nancy McLaughlin

Training fruit trees to grow the way you want them to can be difficult. Tie plastic buckets to the limbs and fill them with just the right amount of water to bend the limb to the desired angle.

Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture

By Roger Doiron

Due to the impacts of climate change on agriculture, many gardeners must re-evaluate their planting strategies as global warming shifts U.S. hardiness zones.

Southern Kitchen Garden Planner

By Roger Doiron

Southern gardeners can use this kitchen garden planner to grow a successful kitchen garden in warmer climates.

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