Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Learning the Art and Science of Scything: How to Beat a Weed Whacker

By Kiko Denzer

There's been quite a bit of buzz about sycthes and mowing lately. People may want to get outside more, burn less oil, do things by hand, and spend less money but they still need to mow lawns, make hay, and harvest what they grow. If you're one of those, you might be interested in a new book about the European tradition of using scythes.

Using a Climate Battery or GAHT System to Heat and Cool a Greenhouse Year-round

By Lindsey Schiller, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Using a Climate Battery or GAHT system to heat and cool a greenhouse renewably year-round.

Essential Tips for Building a Durable Walipini Greenhouse

By Lindsey Schiller, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Customize a Walipini greenhouse to ensure a durable, long-lasting and productive underground greenhouse.

Bug Boundaries and Insect Invitationals

By Blythe Pelham

Most of us have our insect druthers and tolerance levels. Blythe shares a wee window of her own in this blog post.


Homegrown Flax to Linen: Retting

By Cindy Conner, Homeplace Earth

Growing flax for fiber to spin into linen requires many steps. Once it is harvested and the seeds removed, it needs to be retted. Retting is as easy as spreading the flax out in the grass for several weeks.

Homesteader to Restauranteur: 4 Ideas to Spark your Inner-Food Entrepreneur

By Lisa Kivirist

Are you a homesteader with a dream of launching your own food business one day? Perhaps a restaurant showcasing farm to table fare? Trish Watlington, owner of The Red Door Restaurant, shares four of her success strategies that launched her from backyard gardener to San Diego’s leading local food entrepreneur.

Touch-Up Pruning for Lemon Tree Health

By Joshua Burman Thayer, Native Sun Gardens

Many properties across the Bay Area region have lemons that have stood fast for decades, still producing decent yields. When most people think of tree pruning, often they will think of winter time (i.e. apples, pears and cherries). However, citrus has a sub-tropical heritage and thus is best pruned when there is no threat of frost or rain. Here in the Bay Area, you can do some light touchup pruning to that lemon or lime for optimal health.

No Words to Describe the Value of What We Produce

By Cindy Conner, Homeplace Earth

What we produce ourselves is more valuable than any dollar amount that might be assigned to it. We have put our heart and soul into it and we can feel it, but there is no way to measure that and no words to describe it.

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