Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Using Fruit-Bearing Trees and Shrubs in Formal Landscapes for Added Fall Color

By Eron Drew, Tierra Garden Organics

Fruit trees and shrubs make excellent editions to a home landscape and can be used to replace many commonly used species such as spirea, potentilla and decorative plums and cherries. The fall color is often exceptional and the added bonus of fresh fruit can’t be beat.

Putting Gardens to Bed for Winter and Preparing for Spring

By Sean and Monica Mitzel, Sovereign Sonrise Permafarm

This is a beautiful time of year – leaves falling to the ground in colors of orange, red, and yellow. Birds and other little critters running around doing their last minute preparations for winter, and life begins to slow down just a little. One of the main activities we’ve been engaged in on the homestead is getting our gardens ready for winter, and prepped for an even more productive spring.

Saving Gladioli Bulbs in Fall for Spring Replanting

By Celeste Longacre

Gadioli are beautiful flowers. They come in many colors; some make bold, bright statements in single shades while others are craftily dabbled with more than one hue. In the south, where winters do not freeze the ground solid, they can live in place for decades. In the north, where snow and cold dominate, they must be brought inside to survive.

Saving Sweet Potato Roots for Growing Your Own Slips

By Pam Dawling

Select mother root sweet potatoes from your harvest, from your stored potatoes or purchased locally grown sweet potatoes. Store them over the winter and be ready to grow your own sweet potato slips next year.


Shiitake Mushrooms: Non-Traditional Forest Products, Part 2

By Susan Tipton-Fox, The Mushroom Hut @ Fox Farms

We will provide information on materials needed, preparing to inoculate your logs, care of your logs and then the harvest!

Compost Meat, Fish, and Dairy with the Bokashi Composting Method

By Emma Raven, Misfit Gardening

Bokashi composting allows you to compost much more waste generated in your home which ordinarily, would not be suitable for the compost heap. It is a composting method which uses anaerobic bacteria (those which live in low oxygen environments) to ferment (or pickle) the waste and is small enough to fit in a kitchen, making it ideal for urban homes.

‘Solidago caesia’: A Non-Allergenic and Shade-Loving Goldenrod

By Barry Glick, Sunshine Farm and Gardens

Yes, this is a "Goldenrod" — not a weedy Goldenrod, but an extremely desirable one — and I highly recommend it for just about any garden. Be it a native, natural, wild or formal garden, there's a place for Solidago caesia.

Cooperative Neighborhood Composting

By Rachel Stutts

Besides benefiting the environment by reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills and providing your garden with black gold, composting can build and strengthen relationships with your community.

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