Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Chemical-Free Home Orchards

By Mary Lou Shaw

Our fruit trees will remain healthy and provide beautiful, nutritious fruit without the use of chemicals. This blog discussing ways to work with nature to both decrease diseases and to boost the fruit trees' immune systems.

Home Brush Removal to Save an Aging Lilac

By Blythe Pelham

Learn how we worked on our homestead brush removal to relieve a lilac bush of volunteers that threaten to sap the soil of nutrients.

Grow a Pole Bean Hut to Enchant Garden Visitors

By Ilene White Freedman, House in the Woods Farm

Grow a pole bean hut to enchant visitors to your farm or garden.


How to Plant and Care for New Fruit Trees

By Mary Lou Shaw

Getting new fruit trees off to a good start is important for bountiful fruit and the trees' long-term survival. Here is how to dig the best hole, then plant, mulch, water, stake and prune your new fruit trees.

10 Unexpected Bee Facts

By Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, Hostile Valley Living

Honeybees are a critical part of our food system, and they are also downright miraculous insects. Even the most well known facts about honeybees are somewhat unexpected, but the more you delve into their unusual lives, the more surprised you will be.

Fibersheds: Regional Textile Systems

By Cindy Conner, Homeplace Earth

Did you ever wonder where the fiber for the clothes you are wearing came from? Maybe it is time to think about that, just as you think about where your food and water come from. Learn about a movement to promote the use of local fiber.

Answers to the Most Common Gardening Question

By Don Abbott, The Snarky Gardener

Here's the gardening question people ask me more often than any other. And from my many years of gardening experience, here are some answers to steer less successful gardeners onto the right path.

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