All About Growing Cucumbers

Learn how to plant cucumbers, which cucumber types grow best in your region, and get great pickle and gazpacho recipes.

| April/May 2011

Cucumber Varieties

Cucumber varieties come in different sizes, shapes, colors and even flavors. You’ll need to pick often, because cucumbers can double in size in just one day!


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The crunch of fresh cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) has helped cool down summers for more than 3,000 years, and cucumbers were likely one of the first vegetables to be preserved by pickling. Growing cucumbers is easy in fertile, organically enriched soil. Productive and fast to mature, cucumbers are a rewarding crop for new and veteran gardeners.

Cucumber Types to Try

The size, shape, color and flavor of cucumber fruits differ by variety, but all grow best under warm conditions. Growing more than one type each year is the best way to extend your cucumber season and ensure more diverse uses in the kitchen.

American slicing cucumbers are the oblong, dark green cukes you see in su­permarkets. Varieties of this type have been bred for uniformity, productivity and strong disease resistance.

Pickling cucumbers bear smaller fruits with bumpy, slightly wrinkled rinds that make them naturally crisp and firm. Some varieties resist bacterial wilt, a widespread cucumber disease (described later).

Asian cucumbers are long and slender, with small seed cavities. Non-bitter Asian cucumbers are easy to digest, and are also not preferred by cucumber beetles.

8/10/2015 5:10:44 PM

I grew some Asian cucumbers this year that I picked up at the local Asian store. They did fantastic - no bugs or diseases - the cucs are about 1-2 feet long. Here are some pictures

6/20/2013 3:59:31 PM

cucumber plants have whitish/yellow small spots on leaves ,  what is wrong?anything i need to do /these are picling cukes.     thank you for advice,   wanda
6/9/2011 6:33:06 PM

This article was very insightful. Great website. Thanks

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