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Time to Celebrate Earth — Dirt!

By Heidi Hunt

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It’s Earth Day 2011. What a great time to celebrate Earth — or more specifically soil — that wonderful multifaceted, life-giving material that nurtures the plants we rely on and, by extension, nurtures our very lives. Without healthy soil there wouldn't be giant organic carrots whose winter sweetness gives candy a run for its money. Without healthy soil we wouldn't have lush grass for cows to feed on, to provide us with rich whole milk and all its possible incarnations. Without healthy soil — well — the world and all in it would be less healthy.

On this 41st Earth Day (and 41st year of Mother Earth News), no one is better qualified to talk about Earth and the food that grows in it than Eliot Coleman — farmer, author and healthy-soil champion. Here’s Eliot’s take on healthy soil from Grist, an environmental news website.

Now — go out and play in the dirt and celebrate Earth Day!