The Straddler Makes Gardening Easier

Spend less time pulling weeds by using the Straddler, a garden hoe.


The Straddler makes quick work of the garden.


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The result of that work is the somewhat odd-looking implement. It consists of a two-part shaft, a "push pad" and a handle-and-suspender assembly all of which can be adjusted to suit the physique of the user.

Several of MOTHER EARTH NEWS' staffers put the Straddler through its paces during the summer of 1981, and all were quite pleased with the cultivator's design, ease of control and light weight. Of course, it would be quite a task to actually plow a new bed with the Straddler (although it could certainly be done, particularly in good soil). But when you're facing the charge of the crab grass or the attack of the amaranth, you might just find that it is, indeed, time to meet that challenge with a step backwards!

EDITOR'S NOTE: The original Straddler is out of production.