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Organic Gardening

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Planting seeds 

Seed Swaps are a time-honored and fun community tradition that help preserve plant biodiversity for generations to come — what a great activity for our first MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR taking place Sept. 25 and 26.

Bring your best heirloom veggie or other unique saved seeds to the Seed Swap area in front of the main MOTHER EARTH NEWS stage in booth E57 and E61, and trade your goodies with other gardeners and farmers. Everyone will be able to take home some great new varieties, and enjoy the camaraderie that only a community seed swap can bring. Plus, anyone who donates seeds will receive a free, recycled-plastic MOTHER EARTH NEWS tote bag!

Shelley Stonebrook is MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine’s main gardening editor. She’s passionate about growing healthy, sustainable food and taking care of our environment. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest and .