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New Garden Seeder Improves Planting Experience

Garden seeder in action.

The Simple Seeder is an innovative new garden seeder for the home gardener.  Intended to increase the ease and accuracy of planting, the Simple Seeder eliminates the need to bend over while planting and has adjustable depth and spacing controls.  The sturdy design allows for quick and easy planting through mulched, plastic or no till garden surfaces.

The step bar aids in pressing the tip of the Simple Seeder into the soil while controlling seed depth and spacing.  Four depth settings of 1/2, 1 1/4, 2 and 2 3/4 inches and spacing measurements of 2, 4 and 8 inches allow for greater accuracy and consistency in planting.  The final feature of the step bar is the angled slot closer which presses the soil over the seed with each successive seed planted.

A variety of seeds can be planted with the Simple Seeder due to the 3/4 inch diameter seed tube.  Large seeds can be dropped individually into the seed funnel while a dial seed sower can assist in accurately dropping small seeds down the seed tube.  The gardener can also switch easily between seed types without having to adjust the Simple Seeder.

Home gardeners will enjoy these features of the Simple Seeder that will save them time and energy this planting season.  For more detailed information and pictures visit us online

About the Simple Seeder

The Simple Seeder is a family run business that was created to solve the problem of easily planting their no till garden.  The husband and wife team is driven by the desire to improve the gardening experience for the home gardener.