Kitchen Knives as Garden Trowels

| 6/2/2016 9:36:00 AM

Tags: seed starting, garden tools, transplanting, Maryland, Ilene White Freedman,

Kitchen Knives

Here is a great repurpose that saves money: Our favorite planting tools on the farm are kitchen knives and masonry trowels. Garden trowels are specialty items that can get pricey when you need many for volunteers on the farm.

Instead, we gather everyday kitchen knives from yard sales and donations. They are often about a dime a knife. Kitchen knives are perfect for planting seedlings from our 72-cell trays. Seedlings slide out with the guidance of a kitchen knife, then the knife is used to dig a hole and cover the seedling with soil.

We use steak knives for harvesting crops that need to be cut flat at ground level, like lettuce or napa cabbage. Although we buy the harvesting steak knives new, a box of steak knives is still a savings as compared to garden tools.

Masonry trowels are $3.50 at a hardware store as compared to $8.00 for a transplanting trowel in the garden department. Masonry trowels seem like they were made for planting from 4-inch pots, they match in size so well.

We like the straight edges of masonry trowels for making perfectly rectangular holes in the soil for seedlings shaped out of 4-inch pots. We grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and squashes in 4-inch pots and transplant them out to the field, using these trowels.

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