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Heirloom Seed Collections

The Living SeedThe Living Seed Company is an heirloom seed company, dedicated to supporting joyful families, friends and communities growing great food and saving and sharing the seeds from their gardens. They believe that the process of growing food together and saving seeds is one of the best ways to achieve inner harmony, thriving communities and global prosperity.

The Living Seed Company is working to preserve genetic diversity in our food chain, through the distribution and growing of open pollinated seeds and preserving the ancient art of seed saving. In their dedication to education, they offer a seed saving booklet in each collection, as well as information via their blog and their social media outlets. They are creating a platform to inspire gardeners and gardeners to be.

Seeds are sold as collections, as it is an opportunity to take the guess work out of gardening while allowing for collections to be curated collections with only the finest heirlooms. The Living Seed Collections are selected to be widely adapted to most growing regions extreme weather tolerant, disease resistant and vigorous. All of their seeds are open pollinated, non-GMO, untreated, rare, organic or grown on small natural farms and vital. The Living Seed Company is a proud signer of the Safe Seed Pledge.

The Living Seed Company believes that these are the types of varieties and seeds everyone should have access to. For every 10 collections sold they donate one to a school garden program or youth group or other charity through their The Giving Seeds program.

The Founders Collection: Our original and widely adapted collection (22 varieties + seed saving booklet) $50

The Northern Collection: Suited for shorter seasons (22 varieties + seed saving booklet) $50

The Southern Collection: Suited for longer seasons (22 varieties + seed saving booklet) $50

The Urban/Small Space Collection: Suited for urban settings small/container gardens (13 varieties + seed saving booklet) $30

The Salsa Garden: Suited for all the fresh salsa lovers (7 varieties + salsa recipes) $15

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