When to Plant What: Handy Charts for Garden Planning

| 5/5/2014 3:48:00 PM

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There came a killing frost....

So how’s your garden growing? Around here it’s still early, early but we always jump the gun and get out there to plant hoping the weather won’t turn cold, which it did. We lost some 4” tall Basil transplants due to a late season walk about by old Jack Frost. It starts out warm, then gets cool, which is why the tomatoes I buy in April at the Farmer’s Expo here in Kansas City just sit in the ground for a month and don’t start to grow until mid May but I don’t ever seem to learn that lesson.

So when will you be safe to plant without a frost? There is a great tool at Dave’s Garden that allows you to enter zip code and voila, for my area a chart like this pops out:


The chart above indicates that on March 24th there is a 90% chance of a frost but by April 21st there is only a 10% chance of frost.

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