All About Growing Summer Squash

Branch out from only growing zucchini! Growing summer squash is an easy and productive way to incorporate a variety of shapes, colors and sizes into your vegetable garden as well as your kitchen. Choose from the types of summer squash detailed here, including pattypan, tromboncino and yellow squash varieties, to fit your space and tastes.

| June/July 2012

Pattypan Squashes

Colorful and low in calories, summer squash offer quiet flavors that blend beautifully with fresh herbs, mushrooms and all sorts of cheeses.


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Fast and easy to grow in a wide range of climates and soils, the many types of summer squash are among the most productive vegetables in the summer garden.

Types of Summer Squash to Try

Most summer squash are classified as Cucurbita pepo and vary more in appearance than taste. They come in a range of sizes, shapes and colors, so make plantings of several types to add variety to your table.

Yellow squash are buttery yellow and elongated, and some have crooked necks. Overripe fruits turn into warted gourds.

Zucchini squash produce large crops of club-shaped fruits with skins in varying shades of green. Some zucchini squash varieties are striped or even bright yellow.

Pattypan squash are an old type of summer squash that produce fruits shaped like plump flying saucers with scalloped edges. Varieties range from dark green to bright yellow to white.

8/8/2014 10:39:44 AM

We're having a great year for our pattypan squash! We have noticed that the stems come from the tops of some and from the bottoms of others. The ones with the stems coming from the tops are easier to cut the tops from to hollow and stuff. Is there a reason some are on the top and others on the bottom?

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