All About Growing Radishes

Growing radishes is easy and quick! This guide contains information on different types of radishes and how to plant radishes, plus some suggested radish dishes.

| February/March 2008

Grow Radishes

Radishes come in a wide variety of colors and shapes.


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Fast, crisp, easy-to-grow spring and fall radishes sown directly in the garden are ready to eat in less than a month! For best quality, grow them in cool weather, keep the soil constantly moist and harvest them as soon as the roots become plump. Radishes grow best when temperatures range between 50 and 70 degrees.

Types of Radishes to Try

Small round or cylindrical salad radishes come in a veritable rainbow of skin colors, including red, pink, purple and white.

Large Oriental radishes develop heavy, carrot-shaped roots when grown in the fall.

11/21/2013 8:01:33 AM

The reason why you have all foliage and no radish is your soil composition, more than likely you have a lot of nitrogen in your soil. instead you need phosphate so the soil- Nutrients ratio balances out and you get the actual root crop. Go to your local country-max and get any fertilizer (according to how much you need) and look for a nutrient ration that is balanced like 5-5-5 or 4-5-4 so you get the actual crop.

6/29/2008 9:33:31 AM

i have lager leafs and no radishes, can i clip leafs off like greens? or should i replant in fall?

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