Growing Potatoes in a Vacant Lot

The story of how one Nebraska family without land obtained the use of a vacant lot and fed itself by growing potatoes.

growing potatoes vacant lot - in storage
Do not store potatoes over winter in heated basements. Instead, use the landing and steps leading down. To exclude heated basement air, shut the door at the bottom of the stairs or, if there is no door, hang a tarp or rig up a similar arrangement. We store 20 to 40 pounds of produce in lug boxes and ventilated pans on each tread of our basement stairs and still find ample walking room beside the produce. The landing provides space for another couple hundred pounds of vegetables. We haven't needed it yet, but if we ever do, we'll build shelving along the stairwell wall for even more storage space. We really enjoy potatoes, like the ones shown here, at Christmas time!