A New Seed-Saving Book by Seed Savers Exchange

Interested in saving your own seeds? Get your hands on a copy of ‘The Seed Garden,’ a new book released by esteemed nonprofit Seed Savers Exchange.

| October/November 2015

The Seed Garden

Saving your own seeds may be the next exciting step in your gardening or food-self-reliance journey, and this book will teach you the essentials.

Cover courtesy Chelsea Green Publishing

Earlier this year, Seed Savers Exchange (SSE), a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting seed diversity, released a comprehensive book on saving seeds called The Seed Garden: The Art and Practice of Seed Saving. The book was created in collaboration with the Organic Seed Alliance. The project was in the works for four years, says SSE Executive Director John Torgrimson, and it brings together the tips and expertise of many veteran seed savers.

This definitive, user-friendly guide features nearly 300 color photographs, along with crop profiles and charts of at-a-glance seed-saving essentials. If you’re serious about saving your own seeds, you’ll want to own this wonderful resource.

Shelley Stonebrook is MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine’s main gardening editor. She’s passionate about growing healthy, sustainable food and also runs Stonegrass Farms Soap Co. in her spare time. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.

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