Learn the Garden's Wisdom at Our Garden Workshops

Because the 1980 events were so popular, this magazine hosted another series of garden workshops through the spring, summer, and fall of 1981.

066 garden workshops - raised bed

Preparing raised beds was one of the topics covered at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS garden workshops.


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If you know about the late Alan Chadwick and his important contributions to horticulture, you'll be glad to know that — although the man is gone — his world-renowned wholistic gardening technique lives on!

MOTHER EARTH NEWS is very happy to announce another series of garden workshops based — in part — upon Chadwick's methods of biodynamic/French-intensive gardening ... which will be held next spring, summer, and fall 1981 (April 20-29, May 4-13, June 1-10, August 31 - September 9, and September 28 - October 7) on our beautiful 622.4 mountain acres in western North Carolina.

Master gardeners Kerry and Barbara Sullivan — both of whom are former apprentices of Alan Chadwick and now full time members of MOTHER EARTH NEWS' Eco-Village staff — will lead workshop participants through a full ten days of theory, technique, and actual practice in our organic gardens.

Those who attend will learn about preparation of raised beds, sowing and transplanting, and maintenance tasks such as weeding and watering — all of which will involve plenty of hands-on experience. Planned discussions with Kerry and Barbara will include advice on compost, seedlings, greenhouses, potting soils, cold frames, and more!

The fee for each session will be $150, with camping facilities (but not meals) provided for the participants. Because of the intense treatment of the subject matter and the long hours involved in getting hands-on experience in the gardens (this is to be a workshop), Kerry and Barbara have stipulated that no families or pets be brought along for the sessions.