Cool Water Barrel With Many Uses

Harvest rainwater with this handy rain barrel to use for washing feet and rinsing garden produce.

All Purpose Rain Barrel

 You can build this all-purpose rain barrel in a day. 


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We sometimes need to water our flowers in the summer if rainfall is not sufficient. My husband has created the ideal setup with a rain barrel.

He made a support out of lumber so the 50-gallon barrel can rest on its side, about 20 inches off the ground. The downspout from the house is inserted into the top side of the water barrel. My husband drilled two 11⁄2–inch holes into the upper part of the barrel’s side panel for overflow and put a spigot on the bottom of this panel.

We use the collected rainwater to water transplants, rinse garden produce and wash bare feet, in addition to watering nearby flowers.

Darla Gascho

Rossville, Indiana