‘The Organic Grain Grower’: A Great Guide to Growing Grains

Learn how to cultivate and process many types of grains in Jack Lazor’s excellent book, “The Organic Grain Grower.”

The Organic Grain Grower Book Cover

"The Organic Grain Grower" by Jack Lazor is a thorough resource for small-scale grain growers in any area.

Cover courtesy Chelsea Green

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At one time, every community in the country produced its own grain. The reasons why such communal grain self-sufficiency disappeared are many, ranging from cheap shipping rates to exhausted soils. But with renewed interest in local food systems, grain self-sufficiency has become a hot topic.

Although written with a focus on growing grains in New England, Jack Lazor’s new book The Organic Grain Grower is the best resource we’ve seen for small-scale grain growers everywhere. The book covers necessary equipment and cultivation techniques for many types of crops: corn, wheat, barley, oats, rye, spelt and triticale, buckwheat, soy, dry beans, and oilseeds. Lazor describes himself as “a grain-processing nut,” and his passion comes alive in this fine guidebook’s depth of detail.

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