All About Growing Raspberries

Add flavorful, healthful color to your organic garden by growing raspberries. Learn how to plant raspberries and propagate several types and varieties — complete with instructions for properly pruning raspberries.

| October/November 2012

Raspberry Illustration

Add nutrition and color to your garden by growing raspberries. All types of raspberry bushes, from red and golden to purple and black varieties, are easy to grow.

Illustration By Keith Ward

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Delicious, nutritious and easy to grow, raspberries are a valuable addition to any food garden. The most cold-tolerant varieties can survive Zone 3 winters, and fall-bearing raspberries can be grown in warm climates that have limited winter chilling. All types of raspberries — including summer reds, golden raspberries and super-nutritious black raspberries — make excellent boundary plantings in Zones 4 to 7.

Types of Raspberries to Try

Summer red raspberries bear clusters of plump berries in early to midsummer on canes that grew the season before (called “floricanes”).

Everbearing red raspberries produce berries from midsummer to fall on the new season’s growth (called “primocanes”). Bud-bearing canes that survive winter also bear light crops in late spring.

Black raspberries (also called “blackcaps”) grow wild in many areas east of the Rockies and are widely cultivated in the Pacific Northwest. Black raspberries are packed with nutrition and unique wild berry flavor.

Golden raspberries produce berries in shades of yellow to amber that often have unusually sweet flavor. Most golden raspberries produce best if encouraged to fruit on new growth, like everbearing red raspberries.

7/21/2017 4:51:44 PM

I planted Heritage red rasberries and Fall gold rasberries. They had green and brown canes. Two days later all that's left is brown canes. Will they come back with new growth or not?

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