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EZ Tomato Cages Provide Support Lacking in Other Brands

EZ tomato cages

EZ Tomato Cages are the brain storm of two friends, both fed up with purchasing tomato cages that were cheaply fabricated, weak and difficult to store.

Traditional tomato cages are short and bend or fall over when plants need the support the most. These cages will not support a plant well enough to let it grow to its full potential and keep the fruit off the ground.

EZ Tomato Cages are the answer to these problems.

There are two sizes to choose from. One size is 59 inches tall with a 15 inches inch diameter. This cage is great for the garden and has a 24 inch extension available to help support even taller tomato plants. The other size cage has a diameter of 13 inches and is also 59 inches tall. This cage is primarily used for patio containers and pots.

EZ Tomato Cage’s sturdy tubular legs are extremely hard to bend and the large diameter of the legs coming in contact with the soil makes it difficult for this cage to fall over. 

The tall open structure makes it easy to pick the fruit and show off the plant. No more bending over and hurting your back.  Your friends and neighbors will be impressed with the size of your plants and amount of beautiful fruit.

If you are limited to a small garden area or are interested in vertical gardening, the tall vertical cage can help produce more fruit in a smaller space. You will be amazed at the amount of tomatoes that you will harvest from one plant.

If storage is a problem, then you will love the collapsible feature. These cages can collapse to less then one inch thick in a jiffy. You can hang six cages on a six inch hook and keep your area looking neat and organized. These cages will last for years and because they are constructed of galvanized material they can be hung or laid flat, both indoors or outdoors.

There are a lot of other plants that can benefit from the EZ Tomato Cage: pole beans, peas, cucumbers, just to mention a few. Many flowers also need support or will cling to the support wires. Try lilies, dahlias and more. Your imagination is the only thing you will need to find many uses for this great cage.

To purchase your EZ Tomato Cages or get more information and watch a video visit our website or call Mark Gengler at 507-456-0340.

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