5 Ways to Get Growing Earlier (Video)

| 3/18/2016 11:57:00 AM

Tags: Seed Starting, Gardening, Hoop House, Greenhouse, Indoor Seed Sowing, Cold-Hardy Crops, Cold Frames, Shelley Stonebrook,

Warm days may still be a ways off in some regions, but there are some vegetables that can be sown or planted in late winter, satisfying the gardener’s urge to get growing. Read on and view our video for five great ways to enjoy a super-early start to your gardening year.

garden hoop house 

1. Sow hardy vegetables direct under cold frames and mini hoop tunnels.

Cover the soil surface for at least a week before sowing to give the soil a chance to warm up and dry out a little.

2. Make mini greenhouses.

Cut open a plastic bottle or milk jug two-thirds from the bottom leaving a “hinge” of plastic at the back. Pierce drainage holes in the base. Add potting soil, sow winter-hardy seeds such as endive and winter lettuce, and place outside. Open in spring when seedlings push against the lid.

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