Country Lore: Deer Droppings Fertilizer

A reader describes how you can collect and use deer droppings as organic fertilizer in your garden.

Deer manure

A handy screened scoop like this one that allows snow to fall through is useful for collecting deer droppings.


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As an organic gardener, I’m always on the lookout for natural organic fertilizer. I started using deer manure when I would come across piles of it in the fields alongside our garden.

My favorite time of year to hunt for deer droppings is in winter, when it shows up against the snow. I built a little scoop out of scrap lumber and hardware cloth to pick up the pellets, leaving the snow behind. I look for established deer runs to collect the greatest amount. After the snow melts, it’s not as easy to spot the nearly black piles.

Ronald Van Orden
Bennington, Vermont

3/25/2014 2:33:12 AM

I think it is the easiest way to deer droppings fertilizer. Am I right? We also do it by follow a hard process and spend more time for this. Fertilizers are very essential to increase the production and it act as a good plant food. before we use it we have to know its effect on soil and cultivated products. This problem is very common in our agree cultural activities. Is it right to use these snow affected fertilizer? In rainy season or after a long period most fertilizer affect by snow or any fungus. It is not right to use that fertilizer directly as these are consider as toxic for plants.