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CobraHead Tools — Enabling Older Gardeners

Cambridge, WI – A problem for older gardeners is finding tools that make gardening easier as getting up and down becomes harder.  Noel Valdes, the 67 year old owner of CobraHead LLC, has designed two garden tools that are finding a following with "baby boomer" and older garden enthusiasts while at the same time are being recognized by all gardeners as useful and well made tools. 

Noel has been working on solutions to weeding his own large home vegetable garden for over 25 years.  In 2002 he introduced his first tool design - The CobraHead® Weeder and Cultivator.  This small tool makes light work of weeding, cultivating, planting and transplanting.  It fills the role of several garden tools including trowels, small hand forks, dibbles, and hand hoes.  The thin, sharp CobraHead blade is a "steel fingernail®" that cuts hard soil and works in tight places.  The blade sharpness and the tool's balance let gardeners with weak hand strength work efficiently. 

Answering requests for a tool that could be used "standing up", Noel designed and introduced the CobraHead® Long Handle Weeder and Cultivator in 2007.  This tool allows gardeners to lift out entire weeds or scalp them off while standing upright. The tool Increases productivity in weeding and working in raised beds and in any garden setting.  The narrow blade gets between closely spaced plants to pull out or scratch out small to large weeds.  Gardeners use the Long Handle for cultivating, trenching, and breaking crusted soil.  It is truly enabling for gardeners who have difficulty bending over or kneeling. 

CobraHead tools have been endorsed by many of America's best gardeners.  Older gardeners have given their approval. 

Made in Wisconsin, CobraHead tools are produced using environmentally friendly manufacturing  processes and high quality standards.  The handle of the small tool is recycled plastic, the long handle is Carolina ash wood.   Left-handed or right-handed gardeners will find either tool comfortable to use. 

Both tools are available for purchase through the website ($24.95 for the short tool and $59.95 for the long tool - prices include shipping) and are also available at select garden stores and catalogs. 

CobraHead is a family owned and operated business.  They support urban and community gardens, and youth gardening projects internationally by donating tools for use and for fundraising projects.  Please contact CobraHead for more information.

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