Build a Hotbox for Cool-Weather Gardening

| 6/1/2016 4:34:00 PM

Tags: season extension, cool weather gardening, fall gardening, permaculture, Nova Scotia, Canada, Jenni Blackmore,

Gardening With Old Tire 

Who says inanimate objects can’t talk! The well-used tractor tire that washed up on the beach during an early winter storm had been pleading with me for months for a chance to prove its worth.

“New house rules”, I explained. “Not allowed to introduce any new-found treasures to my already sizeable cache without a solid repurposing plan, accompanied by a realistic timeline.”

“No problemmo!” the tire was quick to reply. “Allow me to introduce myself. The best, easy-peasey, earliest-ever spring greens hotbox. At your service!”

And with that, it rolled itself blithely up the path from the beach, over the tailgate and into my truck.

First Things First

Back at QuackaDoodle Farm, the tire was set up on some previously uncultivated ground which was rife with weed growth and definitely in need of an initial mulching with sheets of cardboard.

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