Antique Apples

To satisfy your adventurous palette, antique apples can provide a variety of tastes not normally available at supermarkets.

063 antique apples 01

LEFT: The appropriately named Westfield Seek-No-Further antique apple variety has been prized for 200 years. CENTER: Ugly duckling Roxbury Russets have been called America's first cultivated apple. RIGHT: Golden Russets, know as "Rustycoats" in the southern Appalachians, are sweet.


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CalvilleBlanc d'HiverEsopusSpitzenberg

Newtown PippinAlbemarle Pippin or Yellow Newtown

Northern Spy

Esopus Spitzenberg

Golden RussetRoxbury Russet

Winter BananaCalville Blanc d'HiverRibston PippinCornish GilliflowerWestfield Seek-No-Further