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American Garden Tool Company

American Garden ToolsThe American Garden Tool Company is an online source for American-made garden tools, products and accessories and can be found at  The site features and supports only American-made products. The product line features aircraft-quality steel spades, rakes, hand tools, carts, hoes, digging forks and so much more. The spades are known in the trade as King of Spades and the rakes as Dura Rakes. The landscaping industry is very familiar with the high quality and highly rated tool line and Stefanie and Ryan Modri are bringing the nearly indestructible tools to the home gardening community now.  

As avid home vegetables gardeners, the Modris have only used the American Garden Tool Co. line of landscaping and garden tools, which were designed by her grandfather. Matter of fact, they have been made at the family business manufacturing facility’s USA location for over 45 years.  Stefanie proudly shares her garden with friends and family and is now sharing the tools she always uses, too. She also grew up using the tools, seeing them be made by her family and selling them at trade shows.

The site features 45 tools plus garden accessories, such as the Maine Garden Hod harvest baskets and a flasket to hold freshly cut flowers from the garden to then display on your table. The line also includes an Able Table potting bench and one of gardening’s best cold frames.

The craftsmanship of the tools is remarkable and the spades have a 5 year guarantee against breakage, which is very helpful for large gardens or for managing a large acreage of land. On the other hand, the hand tools are great for when you are working around delicate plants and root systems. Either way, there is a perfect tool for any type of gardener.

 The American Garden Tool Co. will showcase gardeners’ pictures of their gardens and the produce they have grown; submissions are welcome at  The Modri’s own garden is shown on the website, as well.  The company will donate a portion of their proceeds towards Greensgrow, a non-profit that supports urban farming and agriculture (  The American Garden Tool Co. outfits each spade with one foot pad and an additional one can be purchased for the best digging experience. Be sure to use the first time buyer coupon code for 10% off:  AGTNEW10.

The American Garden Tool Co. can be reached at 1-800-294-1951, found online at and via email at The Facebook Page is American Garden Tool Company.  In addition, the American Garden Tool Co. is interested in expanding their American-made product line of gardening supplies so reach out to them regarding a product/product line.

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