The Many Uses for 5-Gallon Buckets

You can often procure free frosting buckets from your local grocery store’s bakery department and use them for a wide variety of things.

Collect berries in 5-gallon buckets

Food grade, plastic buckets can be used for a variety of farm needs, including hauling in harvests of freshly picked strawberries!

Photo by Fotolia/Elenathewise

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My husband and I have found 5-gallon buckets to be indispensable on our 4-acre homestead. We use these buckets for hauling compost, water and freshly harvested produce. We are conscientious of our water usage, so we position buckets under the eaves of our home to catch rainwater.

To avoid purchasing all of our 5-gallon buckets, we head to the bakery department of our local supermarket. We have found that they’re more than willing to give away their used frosting buckets.

Sarah Langlois
Schuylerville, New York