Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

CSA Charter Unites Small Farms

By Lydia Noyes

Following the example of programs around the world, farmers in the United States are now proposing a CSA charter that establishes a national definition of what it means to be a CSA.

The Heritage Grain Trials Project

By Lydia Noyes

The nonprofit Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance is preserving heirloom grains that are ideally suited to Rocky Mountain growing conditions.

9 Permaculture Practices

By Jessi Bloom

Apply permaculture to your land to nurture its natural features.

Chinese Greenhouses for Winter Gardening

By Kris De Decker

Unlock the full potential of the sun with an energy-efficient passive solar greenhouse, and grow warm-season plants year round with little to no extra heating.


Unconventional Gardening Methods: Pros and Cons

By Shelley Stonebrook

With this breakdown of the pros and cons of aquaculture, straw bale gardening, hugelkultur, lasagna gardening, biodynamic gardening, and hydroponics, you can reimagine your backyard space.

Farming the Neighborhood

By Kristi Quillen and K.C. Compton

Transforming lawns to gardens means “plenty” of food and a sense of community in these suburban backyard homesteads.

Grow a Community Garden Project

By Pat Stone

With ingenuity, creativity, and a touch of grit, this small North Carolina town cultivated a community garden project to produce healthy food for neighbors in need.

Free Course on Organic Seed Production

By Shelley Stonebrook

Current and future organic seed growers can take a free online course offered through the Organic Seed Alliance and the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture.

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