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Green Energy & Great Homes
All things energy. From solar and wind power to sustainable and energy-efficient homes to electric cars and other green transportation options.
Gardening & Food Self-Sufficiency
Food and gardening advice for both beginners and experts.
Simple Living & Country Skills
Tons of great advice for self-reliant living, whether you live in the city or have a country homestead.
DIY Skills & Projects
Fun projects, big and small, plus tips, tools and techniques.
Health & Environment
Perspectives on health and environmental issues that affect us all.
Real Food & Seasonal Recipes
Ideas and recipes for cooking fresh, local ingredients, tips on how to slash your food bills, and the latest sustainable food policy updates.
Mother Earth News Fairs
Receive MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR updates, including those about the program schedule, speaker announcements and other news.
Advisory Groups
Editorial Advisory Group
Let your opinion be heard by joining this popular online survey group. You get to pick your favorite covers and vote for article topics. It's free, fun, easy and tremendously valuable in helping us deliver exactly what our readers want.
Gardening Advisory Group
If you've gardened for a few years or more, we invite you to join this group. We will send occasional surveys to collect information to help us with articles.
Poultry Advisory Group
If you've kept poultry for a few years or more, we invite you to join this group. We will send occasional surveys to collect information to help us with articles.
Mobile Media Advisory Group
If you own a tablet or smartphone and would like to help us develop future apps, we invite you to join this group. We will send you occasional surveys so you can weigh in on app ideas.
Pastured Meat and Dairy and
Certified Organic Produce Advisory
We are organizing a series of nutrient tests to compare "real food" to industrial products. As a member of this group we will occasionally invite you to provide samples for our nutrient testing and send you questions to help us collect information for upcoming articles.
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