Nature & Environment

Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

Storytelling Tips

By Emily Stetson

For aspiring raconteurs, two professionals share a little inside knowledge and their storytelling tips.

Cold-Weather Car Starting Tips


These cold-weather car starting tips will help when homesteaders face nature's cold when starting up their car in winter.

Denton, Texas: Original, Independent and Eclectic

By David Wann

Not merely a Dallas suburb, Denton is an energized community with a renowned music scene and involved residents who help keep the city lively and green.   

The Art of Making Custom Knives

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

The fine custom knives from one North Carolina craftsman are hand cut, painstakingly polished, and highly valued by collectors.


Moving to Rural Southern Alleghenies

By Elizabeth Brown

Homesteaders share their experience on moving to rural southern Alleghenies looking for privacy, affordable land and a slower pace of life.

World Oil Production, Solar Radio, and Other Energy News

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Predictions about world oil production and an update on solar radio—a radio station that met most of its energy needs through solar electric generation—were among the energy news stories reported in this regular feature.

Rhymes Discovered in Whale Songs, Escaped Farmed Salmon Endanger Wild Populations, and More

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

World Wildlife Fund researchers find that humpback whale songs contain rhymes, public opinion polls show Americans to be increasingly concerned about the environment, a new alarm clock wakes you up with scents, escaped farmed salmon endanger wild salmon in Scotland, and tips for reducing home energy consumption. Originally published as "Bits and Pieces: Rhyming Whales?" in the September/October 1989 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Moving to Wyoming: Homesteading in Teton Valley

By David Swift

Two couples share what they learned when moving to Wyoming to set up homesteading in Teton Valley. Learn why this area of the state is considered a great choice to make when homesteading in rural Wyoming.

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