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Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

Vitamin P: Tapping the Power of Place to Keep Us All Healthy

By Jay Walljasper

One number stands above all others as the best indicator of good health. It’s not your blood pressure, cholesterol level, average daily calories or even the age at which your grandparents die. It’s your zip code.

Eskimo Words for Snow

By Jerry Dennis

Leave it up to people who play every day in the snow to invent the best words for it. Their linguistic inventiveness helps us to understand why the Eskimo vocabulary hoax was so believable in the first place. Whether in play or work, the more involved we become in something, the more complex is the language we invent for it.

Just Choose Hope: Musings on Native Bees and Cover Crops

By Oscar H. Will III

The Editorial Director of MOTHER EARTH NEWS touches on why he chooses hope over despair when he considers the importance of saving endangered species.

Standing-Rock Sioux Defend Right to Clean Water, Part 2

By Bruce McElmurray

The Standing Rock Sioux stand in protest to a crude oil pipeline that crosses their water source.


Why is the Calcium Carbonate Market Expected to Exceed $28.5 Billion by 2021?

By Kayla Matthews

Calcium carbonate is a naturally occurring mineral. It’s used as filler in everything from paper to prescription drugs, with the calcium carbonate market expected to exceed $28.5 billion by 2021. So, what is the mineral and what is driving growth in its market, exactly?

Standing Rock Sioux Defend Right to Clean Water, Part 1

By Bruce McElmurray

The Sioux are facing the same situation and they are enduring abuse while peacefully protesting its location in proximity to their valuable water source. We should all be protesting putting any crude-oil pipeline where it can contaminate a water source. The Sioux protesters are taking their responsibility seriously and so should all of us. We all suffer from depletion of one of our survival needs.

Manifesting Rituals with Nature and Intention

By Blythe Pelham

We all have rituals — things we do over and over, often without thinking. Too often, such rituals can fall into the realm of habit and become what I call auto-body functioning. Often that kind of meditative emptiness can be a good thing, a place to rest and be present. The kind of ritual I write about in this post is a different type. It’s a ritual of great intention and presence.

Farming is a Community Affair: No Farm is an Island

By Geri Vistein

There is a whole circle of life within a farm, but also in the community all around the farm. Our carnivores share that circle of life with us, and what happens in their lives may have unexpected affects in the lives of our farmers. Sharing here a true story, that I would expect plays out in many places, not just this farm. How can we write a new story?

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