Nature & Environment

Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

Sustainability Considerations for the Metal Mining Industry

By Kayla Matthews

Metals are invaluable to green technologies, but making metals usable is anything but green.

5 Questions for Janet Vorwald Dohner

By Janet Vorwald Dohner

Learn more about MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR speaker Janet Vorwald Dohner.

Learning Survival Skills

By Anna Twitto

If our modern conveniences were suddenly stripped away, would we survive?

6 Easy Environmentally-Friendly Things To Do This Week

By Tammy Taylor

Gentle actions can be incorporated into your daily life very easily as long as you start with a few things & add to them as you become comfortable. Before long your days are a smooth transition to an environmentally gentle life.


5 Questions for Joe Putnam

By Joe Putnam

Learn more about MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR speaker Joe Putnam.

Bees in Your Backyard

By Melanie M. Kirby, Zia Queen Bees

The Bees in Your Backyard provides an engaging introduction to the roughly 4,000 different bee species found in the United States and Canada, dispelling common myths about bees while offering essential tips for telling them apart in the field.

Interview with Susan Silber

By Paul Wood

The mission of the NorCal Community Resilience Network (NorCal Network) is to activate and support community-based and ecological solutions to climate change, economic instability, and social inequities.

5 Questions for Ellen Zachos

By Ellen Zachos

Learn more about MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR speaker Ellen Zachos.

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Seven Springs, PA.

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