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How to Humanely Trap and Release a Skunk

By Elizabeth Gatto

Skunks are quite intelligent and resourceful creatures that can invade even the most sophisticated home, whether it is your garden, the attic, or under the crawl space of your house. When they come looking for food and shelter, you will need a suitable and humane method for removing them.

Plastic Bottle Reduction Program in State Parks

By Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Office of Sustainable Practices

Tennessee State Parks understands the importance of reducing the number of plastic bottles that go into the waste stream. One of the highest waste streams captured in state parks is plastic bottles from guests. While it’s important to stay hydrated during outdoor activities, especially in the summer time, it is equally important to do so sustainably. That is why several parks are taking steps to reduce plastic cup and bottle waste within the park.

Collecting Cockles: A Galician Women's Tradition

By Leila and Anthony, The Recipe Hunters

An hour into our first road trip to hunt down traditional recipes on the western coast of Galicia, we strike gastronomic gold in the form of Galician cockles, locally known as berberechos.

'The Pattern Legacy': Interview with Adam Brock, author of 'Change Here Now: Permaculture Solutions for Personal and Community Transformation'

By Willi Paul

Adam Brock is an award-winning social entrepreneur and permaculturalist based in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. His work lies at the intersection of urban agriculture, sustainable business, and social change. Willi Paul interviews Adam here to discuss pattern theory as it relates to permaculture and social change.


5 Questions for Gianaclis Caldwell

By Gianaclis Caldwell

Learn more about MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR speaker Gianaclis Caldwell.

Vermont Welcomes MOTHER EARTH NEWS!

By Carrie Williams Howe

MOTHER EARTH NEWS blogger Carrie Williams Howe took a trip to the Vermont FAIR - read all about it!

5 Questions for Josh Volk

By Josh Volk

Learn more about MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR speaker Josh Volk.

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