Nature & Environment

Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

Joining Forces for More Sustainable Communities

By K.C. Compton

Throughout the United States, neighbors are discovering strength and security by embracing a do-it-ourselves approach to more sustainable communities. These seven Homestead Hamlets can serve as models for creating more resilient neighborhoods.

How Trade-Skill Companies Can Hold Themselves More Environmentally Accountable

By Kayla Matthews

It’s relatively easy for white-collar businesses to be greener: Recycle more paper, turn off the lights, etc. But what about trade-skill businesses?

Why Recycling Might Not Be Enough

By Tammy Taylor

Recycling is an important step towards a cleaner, healthier environment. But recycling alone is not the most effective way to reduce landfill-bound trash from your home. PREcycling stops much of that packaging waste from coming into your home in the first place!

How to Break Your Eco-Harmful Habits

By Kayla Matthews

Have a bad habit that you know is hurting the environment, but you keep doing it anyway? Stop!


Mountain Hunting

By Ryan Trapini

A short story about how deer and deer hunting have changed in both the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley of New York State.

Farms and Food in an Era of Climate Change: Resilient Agriculture

By Steven McFadden

We must reckon swiftly with the intensifying impact of climate change on our farms and food. The new book Resilient Agriculture by Laura Lengnick offers a a range of pathways leading forward.

Connect to Your Environment with 'Wide-Angle Vision' and 'Foxwalking'

By Randy Walker

More information about Wide Angle Vision and its uses. An exercise in slow walking and connecting with your environment. Pausing as you walk and surrendering to the moment.

Lessons Learned From Nature

By Bruce McElmurray

Lessons learned from watching birds.

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