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Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

The Moral Imperatives of Community Food: A 21st-Century Civic Duty

By Steven McFadden

Participating in clean, local community food initiatives is increasingly recognized not only as an intelligent response to reality, but also as a key civic duty. A new study from the University of Iowa underscores this truth.

Simply Home Community: Tiny Homes Circle Up for Sustainability

By K.C. Compton

A circle of tiny homes in Portland, Oregon, give new meaning to the idea of “bedroom community.”

Green Bridge Farm: Going Green from the Ground Up

By K.C. Compton

In Effingham County, Georgia, Michael Maddox hopes to turn his family farm into a model of sustainability, in keeping with his “Think Globally, Act Locally” philosophy.

River Road Resilient Food System: Suburban Permaculture at Work

By K.C. Compton

This Eugene, Oregon, neighborhood provides a hopeful example of “food not lawns” in action.


Phinney Neighborhood Association: Sharing in Seattle

By K.C. Compton

Neighbors in Seattle decided what kind of community they wanted, then set about creating it. Phinney Center is the hub of that community.

Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage: Building Connections in Cincinnati

By K.C. Compton

Based on the work of Imago, a grassroots environmental education nonprofit, Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage is transforming one of Cincinnati’s oldest districts into a sustainable neighborhood.

N Street Cohousing: Walls Come Down, Friendships Grow

By K.C. Compton

Thirty years ago, neighbors in Davis, California, tore down fences between their houses to create a cohousing community that is a model for how effective — and fun — sustainability can be.

Bryn Gweled Homesteads: Celebrating Decades of Vision

By K.C. Compton

This intentional community in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, provides all the benefits of country living in a sustainable neighborhood that embodies the do-it-ourselves lifestyle.

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