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Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

This Land is Your Land: Inspiration from Yellowstone National Park

By Shawn Hosford

Thoughts that were inspired by my trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Fall In the Rockies Invigorates the Senses

By Bruce McElmurray

There is one time of the year in the mountains that is special and above all other seasons in my opinion. Fall time in the mountains is invigorating and refreshing. It is the season the invigorates all five senses. For a little Rocky Mountain fall-time inspiration, read on.

Official Register of Reality Makes Apparent Why CSA Farms are Needed

By Steven McFadden

Climate change underlies the refugee crisis, and more change and more refugees are forecast. CSA farms and other local agrarian initiatives are critical to our food security going forward.

Move Toward, Not To, Your Destination: The Caretaker's Approach to Environmental Awareness

By Randy Walker

Further expand your awareness and interaction with your environment by adopting the conscious attitude of moving Toward a destination instead of going To a destination. This post describes how the author's mentor was always prepared to further enhance the landscape by making any general improvements using the caretaker's attitude.


Our Native Carnivores: A Historical Perspective

By Geri Vistein

As a conservation biologist whose focus is large carnivores, I find that historical perspectives regarding our understanding of our place within Earth’s communities and the behavior that flows from those perspectives is essential to understanding our present day relationship with carnivores. In my first post, I want to take you back in history, sharing with you worldviews and the actions that expressed those views, as Europeans settled on the American continent.

Music for Climate Change (with Video)

By Toby Grotz

We recently attended a concert for Climate Change at the Uptown Arts Bar in Kansas City organized by Craig Wolfe and Randy Deutch of the band Soular. The concert premiered a song by Winston Apple that brought tears to some eyes in the audience. There is no way to know for sure if we’re past the point of no return.

One Man's Trash is Another's Weeknight Dinner: Lessons from a Dumpster Diver

By Rehana Franklin

Are you bothered by the food industry, landfills, or consumer culture and interested in free, quality eats? If yes, then look no further than your local trash receptacles. Unless a dumpster is located against a building or enclosed by a fence with “No Trespassing” signs, they are veritable treasure troves ripe for plundering.

Animal Indications And Weather

By Bruce McElmurray

Can animals actually tell us what the weather has in store for us?

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