Nature & Environment

Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

Personality Types and Permaculture

By Rehana Franklin

Ever wonder what the unseen, unnamed aspects of homesteading in community are? Social dynamics and personality types are vital, intimidating elements of farming in the country.

Black Bear Encounters

By Bruce McElmurray

In our many encounters with black bears, we have had no serious incidents. Achieve harmony living in bear territory by staying calm and giving bears favorable distance.

'The Land Ethic' and Our Relationship with Carnivores

By Geri Vistein

The Land Ethic describes how we see ourselves on the land, and how we, therefore, respect and treat all other members of the land community.

Community Farmers Convene in America's Heartland

By Steven McFadden

For dozens of reasons, it’s time to convene in America’s heartland a conference of farmers involved in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Here’s a sampler of the key topics that will arise.


Numbering Our Days: Wes Jackson's Final Prairie Fest with The Land Institute

By Josh Brewer

After four decades of work with The Land Institute, co-founder Wes Jackson closes Prairie Fest with a passionate call for the changing worldviews through agriculture.

The Real Cost Of Food Waste

By Tammy Taylor, Taylor-Made Ranch

The world's population is growing but we're wasting much of the food that's being produced. There are protections in place for those donating edible food, and there are many things you can do in your own home to reduce food waste.

Reviving the Golden State with Heritage Grains

By Ann Nguyen, The Ecology Center

In the parched Tehapachi Valley of California, where the yearly precipitation rate is only four inches, farmers are investing in growing heritage grains.

Seeing the Forest for the Deer

By Ryan Trapani, Catskill Forest Association

Deer are unique in that they are often managed regardless of habitat quality. When ecology and grazers are out of balance, impacts on forest health and herd health can be severe.

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