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Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

'Only the Rocks Live Forever': Exploring Healing Energy in Stones and Crystals

By Blythe Pelham

I have a lifelong affinity for rocks and bricks. Though collecting them isn’t perhaps the most weighty thing I do, they certainly give my body a workout as they find their way into my garden and life over and over again.

Feeding the Pig: The Problem with Homegrown Arts Organizations

By Michael Johnathon, WoodSongs Front Porch Association

It costs the average musician upwards of $1,000 to be a member of most music trade groups, pay for conference fees, travel, and get hotel rooms and meals. That is more than most musicians make in a year. If it costs more to be part of the garden than the garden can provide, the farmer needs to make a choice: Abandon the garden or get rid of the pig.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes Without Spraying Chemicals

By James White

Disease-carrying mosquitoes can cause major damage to our homestead's livestock. Learn how to naturally repel and kill mosquitoes!

Nevermind the Politics, Forests Can Help Cool the Planet

By Raul D. Hernandez, Forever Redwood

Forestry and climate change are complex and emotionally charged issues. In this post, we focus on the forests themselves and how they can contribute to global cooling when forest management practices are adjusted through the incentives in the multi-billion dollar carbon credit programs being launched.


How to Relocate Spiders

By Mary Ann Reese

Spiders are beneficial arachnids, meaning they have eight legs. They can be found in or near a home. Relocating spiders to a more appropriate place is a much wiser idea than killing them when they're in our way.

Encounters with Coyotes in the Past and Present

By Geri Vistein

Coyotes live among us just as they have with our Native Peoples in the past. But unlike our Native Peoples understanding and respect of coyotes, our present day culture has little knowledge, and this greatly takes away from all the positive experiences we can have with America’s wild canine.

Report Shows Damaging Impact of Climate Change in 2015

By Kayla Matthews

A new report describes record levels of damages caused by climate change during 2015.

Salvaging Campus Trees for Education

By The Wood-Mizer Team

Indiana University of Pennsylvania's groundbreaking "Harvest to Use" program uses a portable sawmill to salvage campus trees for education and community projects.

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