Wholesome (and Free!) Wild Bird Feed

Bird-lovers who want to help their feathered friends take note: you can collect an abundance of wild bird feed just by strolling around your local woods, fields, and roadsides.

cartoon of two people distributing bird feed

Really hungry birds won't be so picky about the bird feed available to them.

Illustration by Jack Vaughn

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"O Thou Weed"

Ambrosia,[EDITOR'S NOTE: If you need help in identifying plants (or birds), you may want to stop at your local bookstore and pick up copies of the Audubon Society's wildflower and bird guides that are pertinent to your region.]

(Polygonum hydropiperoides)


The Fruit of Loyal Nature


(Lonicera sempervirens),(Phytolacca americana)

Fields and Flowers


Dinner Is Served!

Feeding the birds may not be the most important task you'll perform this winter, but it sure could be one of the most entertaining! Many a snowbound afternoon will be enlivened by the sight of playful goings-on outside your window as dozens of birds gather round to feast on the banquet you've provided for them!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Don t undertake a winter bird feeding program unless you're prepared to keep at it until spring, as your handouts willcome to be counted onuffering (or even starvation) can result if the "free lunch" is suddenly discontinued.