Types of Knives

Nowadays there are so many different types of knives that choosing the right implement for a particular task can be confusing. Here is some help.

070 types of knives, set 2
Pictured from right to left: [9] Bator Filet, rosewood handle. [10] Russell Chef, rosewood handle. [11] Gerber Paring, impregnated wood handle. [12] Gerber Bread, impregnated wood handle. [13] Hinckel Carving, wood Micarta handle. [14] Buck Hatchet, linen Micarta handle. [15] RP Indian Bowie Balanced Throwing, wood Micarta handle. [16] Gerber Survival Dagger, chrome-plated tool steel blade. [17] Puma Bowie, stag handle.