You Too Can Learn the Art of Storytelling

Learning the art of storytelling requires practice, but the payoff is worth the effort.

| September/October 1981

071 the art of storytelling 1 audience watching david holt

An enthralled audience gives their attention as David Holt practices the art of storytelling.


The art of storytelling is an exciting act of creation, both for the teller who spins out a chronicle and for the listener who re-creates the tale in his or her mind. It involves a special kind of sharing and enjoyment, one that people have loved ever since our ancestors first huddled around a fire.

What's more, a national resurgence of interest in storytelling is underway today in homes, schools, colleges, community centers, and libraries. Spearheading this renaissance are an increasing number of accomplished tale-spinners who—by expanding, refining, and experimenting with different styles and techniques—are making more and more people aware of storytelling as an art form (and often earning a good living, as well). There's even a full-blown society—the National Storytelling Network—that sponsors the National Storytelling Festival every October.

And just why is there an upswing of enthusiasm for the age-old form of entertainment? Well, perhaps one reason is that storytelling is both fun and meaningful. Narratives can cover the full range of human experience including adventure, terror, romance, sorrow, joy, and humor. In addition, storytelling is no longer considered "just" a diversion for children, but is enjoyed by people of all ages. Relating a good narrative is also seen as real-person-to-person and mind-to-mind-entertainment. But the single most important factor in the current storytelling renaissance (and one of the most wonderful things about the art itself) may well be the fact that anyone can be a storyteller.

After all, you need only to be able to talk ...and in fact I can't even place that limitation upon you, because some of the best storytelling I've ever witnessed was done by a young deaf man who didn't speak at all! Actually, all you really need to become a storyteller is the desire to do it.

This article will—I hope—help you focus that interest by giving you some tips on choosing, learning, and relating stories.

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