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The 651 Project Debuts in Leelanau County Michigan

The 651 Project has been established to assist students Nationwide in their pursuit of agricultural skills and knowledge. Specific areas of focus include organic farming, viticulture, construction technology, agritourism, responsible landscape design, and green energy technology. Farm 651 in Cedar, MI will serve as a learning campus for the endeavor.

 "Our original plan has always included making the Farm 651 land available to students and non-profits” says Jason Roggensee – owner of Farm 651. “To realize this goal, we created the 651 Project – a licensed Michigan Non-profit organization”. Students will have the ability to live and work on a functioning farm. Housing will be provided and product sales (produce and fruits) via farm markets and the onsite retail facilities will serve as a living cost stipend to students.

 The 651 Project is currently seeking funding to build the “Smart House”, a super efficient Farmhouse that will serve as student living accommodations. Donations can be made on the website. Contractors, sponsors and agricultural professionals are being sought out to serve as instructors and project mentors. Anyone interested in participating and sharing their knowledge is encouraged to call.

For more information on The 651 Project, contact Jason Roggensee at or by calling 231-944-5283. Alternatively, a website is available at detailing programs, specific student opportunities, and donation guidelines.

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